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API Reference

Pacote: control

 Class TAction


Structure to encapsulate an action

Located in /control/TAction.php (line 18)

Direct descendents
Class Description
 class TDataGridAction Represents an action inside a datagrid
Variable Summary
 mixed $action
 mixed $param
Method Summary
 __construct ($action $action, [$parameters $parameters = null]) TAction
 getAction () void
 getParameter ($param $param) void
 getParameters () void
 isStatic () void
 serialize ([$format_action $format_action = TRUE]) void
 setParameter ($param $param, $value $value) void
 setParameters ($parameters $parameters) void
 toString () void
mixed $action (line 20)
  • access: protected
mixed $param (line 21)
  • access: protected
Constructor __construct (line 28)

Class Constructor

  • access: public
TAction __construct ($action $action, [$parameters $parameters = null])
  • $action $action: Callback to be executed
  • $parameters $parameters: = array of parameters
getAction (line 117)

Returns the current calback

  • access: public
void getAction ()
getParameter (line 97)

Returns a parameter

  • access: public
void getParameter ($param $param)
  • $param $param: = parameter name
getParameters (line 109)

Return the Action Parameters

  • access: public
void getParameters ()
isStatic (line 169)

Returns if the action is static

  • access: public
void isStatic ()
serialize (line 126)

Converts the action into an URL

  • access: public
void serialize ([$format_action $format_action = TRUE])
  • $format_action $format_action: = format action with document or javascript (ajax=no)

Redefined in descendants as:
setParameter (line 76)

Adds a parameter to the action

  • access: public
void setParameter ($param $param, $value $value)
  • $param $param: = parameter name
  • $value $value: = parameter value
setParameters (line 85)

Set the parameters for the action

  • access: public
void setParameters ($parameters $parameters)
  • $parameters $parameters: = array of parameters
toString (line 50)

Returns the action as a string

  • access: public
void toString ()